Ways To De-Stress.

Stress is seriously that one thing I can never get rid of. It’s always there with me. Somehow, somewhere, stress finds me. I have come to terms with the fact that stress is stupid and a part of our everyday lives. Thus, over the years of being a student in high-school and now a university student, it is very important for me to take moments to de-stress. Often individuals find it hard to de-stress, but here are my top 5 ways to de-stress! I hope these help any of you in the future when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or frustrated. These are all very simple ways that can automatically help you feel stress-free.

1)      Meditation


When people hear the word meditation, automatically, one think’s of becoming calm and relaxed. I never tried mediation up until I was in grade 12, and it was one of the most stressful years of my high-school experience. Having the pressure of getting amazing grades and most importantly, being accepted into university. In the beginning, every day felt stressful. So, I decided that maybe meditation may help. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit for numerous hours. What is wonderful about the internet is that, youtube has many videos for ways to meditate. I decided to do use the 5 minute calming meditation video by youtuber TheHonestGuys. I assure you, after watching the video, and doing everything the video asked me to, I felt so calm, chill and relaxed. From then on, I have visited back to that video several times to calm me down when I’m feeling stressed. Best part is, the video is short and simple, and makes you feel better! Trust me, meditation is the best way to make you feel stress-free. I highly recommend using that video!

 2) Working out/Being physically active

work out


If you are a fitness geek, this method is for you! I love working out, especially when I’m stressed, or overthinking (bad habit). Working out releases mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins. This is in turn strengths your heart muscle, lowering your blood pressure and helps you have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, being physically active when you feel stressed or anxious, is a great way to de-stress. I know many times I get lazy or I don’t want to work out, but once you do start being physically active, it really helps you feel calmer. Just pull yourself of your work desk, and do any sort of physical activity like playing tennis or even taking a walk. It will help clear your mind and help you be more active when you go back to working!






3) Unplug yourself!



If you’ve been doing something for ages and can’t seem to grasp it like a math equation or memorizing for a test, unplugging yourself and taking a break is very important. I remember when teachers used to tell me while studying for exams, that breaks are very important, and I used to think, “What? I don’t have time to take a break? Who has time to take a break?” But once I started doing it, my life changed! If you’ve been studying for 2-3 hours, taking a 15-20 minute break is crucial to let your brain process and take in all the information. Even if you aren’t studying, if you feel stressed, taking a break allows you to escape your world of stress. It helps you clear your mind and feel refreshed, helping you return back to work and feel stress-free.






4) Hobbies



Whenever I am feeling stressed out, I try to do some of my favourite hobbies to help me feel more relaxed. That includes dancing, watching youtube videos, T.V shows and movies, reading and listening to music. Simple thing like doing your hobby, is a great way to make you happier and stress-free.



5)    Food & Drinks



Let’s all agree that we all tend to stress-eat a lot of sugary and unhealthy foods because, we think that it helps us. There are certain types of food and drinks that can help you feel stress-free and are healthy at the same time! Those include, broccoli, salmon, dark chocolate, chamomile tea, green tea, hot chocolate, cold water, avocados, berries, oranges, walnuts etc. These are only a few number of drinks and certain foods that have the abilities to make one feel less stressed. So next time you feel like stress eating, reach for these healthier options, and they will make you feel better!


All opinions are mine. I hope these methods can help some of you the next time you feel stressed or anxious. Thank you so much for reading! Until next time…


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