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How to find Motivation?

There are numerous times when the hobby that we go out to purse, starts feeling like a job. Especially in the beginning stages when you aren’t getting many views or followers. What you started doing for fun, turns into a frantic mission to get more followers and constantly needing to promote your blog on every website. I think every blogger goes through that phase. We all need to go through that phase in order to make better craft. Finding what inspires you to do what you set out first is very important because, it will ultimately help you find your purpose of why you started that hobby. Motivation is very necessary in order to keep creating the content that you want. Here are 5 ways to motivate yourself.



Often times we can’t motivate ourselves when we are under a lot of stress. I am that person who works best under pressure, but not under stress. When we are stressed, our mind is in 20 different places, trying to find ways to finish everything. It is very important to just breathe and let go of any stress, in order to start fresh. I suggest trying meditation, yoga, working out, watching your favourite movie, listening to calming music, and drinking tea. These are all simple ways to de-stress yourself, to not only make you feel calmer, but also help you start again.


2) Work-Space


Our work-space is one of the most important motivations to work. The environment around you is made to suit how you work. Therefore, it is very important to create your work-space according to what you like. If you are someone who likes everything being organized and in its place, go with that or if you are someone who likes having everything everywhere, do that! Create the work-space environment that is best for you, and it will motivate you to work.

3) Finding inspiration when facing writer’s block

book reading.jpeg

Inspiration is so important especially when we suffer from writer’s block. If you don’t know what writer’s block means, it is basically when an individual can’t think of an idea on what to do next, when brainstorming. So, as for me, when I face writer’s block, I like to go online and watch youtube videos, movies, T.V shows, and read other blog posts, magazines and novels. You don’t necessarily have to do any of these things, because you can find inspiration anywhere however, these are a few tasks that can be done to help inspire some ideas.

reading magazine.png

4) Take a break


Sometimes, it is very important to remove yourself from what you are doing and take a break. If you have been constantly brainstorming, and have not been able to come up with any ideas, a break is very important. A break allows your mind to be refreshed to think again. That is why when studying for exams or tests, it is very important to take a 15-20 minute break to allow your mind to refresh, process all the information, and then go back and grasp the new information. A simple thing as taking a break has always helped me come up with new ideas and motivates me to do more!

5) Changing your Work-Space Environment

chaing workplace.jpeg

If you are constantly working on that same desk, in the same place, in that same room, it is very helpful to change your work-space to somewhere else, if possible. If you are facing writers block or are lacking motivation, simply changing the environment in which you work can be very beneficial. It can trigger your mind to come up with new ideas, when you are in a new place. I know that sometimes changing my work-space environment, helps me come up with new, creative ideas.


All opinions are mine. These are all of the ways that I motivate and inspire myself to find different ideas and create cool things. I hope that at least one of these 5 ways can help you. Leave a comment below and tell me how you motivate yourself! Thank you for reading! Until next time,



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