My Top 5 Favourite Novels.

Reading is like watching a movie, where every sentence, every word makes you escape into the lives of different characters. Reading for me, allows my imagination to create the world described in the novel. It is truly amazing how much a novel can affect our lives and change it forever. Here are my top 5 favourite novels that have changed or inspired my life. If you have any recommendations or have a favourite novel, leave them in the comments below

1)Finale (the final book)-Hush Hush Series

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

hush hush

I fell in love with the Hush Hush series when I was around the age of 14-15. Although I read this series at a very young age, this novel can be loved by people of every age. The Hush Hush series embodies sci-fi, romance, supernatural, and fantasy. To give you a quick synopsis, the Hush Hush series focuses on Nora Grey, who is a teenager whose life is at risk as she falls in love with a fallen angel, named Patch. Nora believes she is an ordinary girl, but through the series, she uncovers the secrets of her dark past. This novel makes you escape into the world of Nora Grey, and leaves you wanting to never put the book down. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series faster than Hush Hush. One of the best series recommended to everyone who enjoys fantasy and romance novels.

2) Ghost House

Author: Alexandra Adornetto


If you love horror movies and T.V shows, this novel is for you. I am always skeptical of purchasing horror themed novels, because they don’t always turn out the best. I never usually get frightened by reading horror novels because the writing doesn’t usually connect with me. A horror film is easier to create because visuals help, but with novels, it is a lot harder to translate words into visuals. However, to put it into a simple sentence, this novel scared the crap out of me. Everything about it was like watching a film, but reading it. The novel detonates death and emptiness. A quick synopsis, the novel is about a girl named Chole who starts seeing ghosts again, after the death of her mother. It was a lot easier when she was younger to get rid of the ghosts because her mother was present, but since her mother has passed away, it is getting a lot harder. To make things worse, her grandma makes Chole and her brother move to London with her, in a house with many creepy secrets, making it easier for the ghosts to reach Chole. Situations get worse and frightening when Chole realizes who and what the ghosts are present for. Honestly, this novel is the best horror and creepy book, I have ever read!

3) 13 Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher


I thought this novel was very appropriate to put in my Top 5 favorite novels of all time, considering the wonderful Netflix series that recently released, making the novel into a T.V series. So, I read this novel in an all-girls grade 7 class. I think I was probably 11 or 12 around this time thus, reading such a heavy and intense book at a young age, stuck with me. I remember when news first came out that, Selena Gomez was going to play the role of Hannah Baker in a movie. That news came out in 2011, and me and my friends waited, and waited for the movie to release. But until then, we read the novel in class and listened to an audio-book while reading the book. Although the Netflix series is amazing, the novel is even better. It is so touching, scary, intense and a huge eye-opener. Reading the novel at a young age made me understand the intensity of words. Everything you say affects someone in a different way. I know from personal experience because I was bullied from the start of grade 2 till the end of grade 5. For those of you who have not read or watched the series on Netflix, the novel is about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes behind for the people who are responsible for her death. I understand that some people do not agree with certain situations of the novel, but personally I loved it! The novel is wonderfully written and is a must-read for people of every age.

4) The Door to Time- Ulysses Moore Series

Author: Pierdomenico Baccalario


I love this series so much! This was probably one of the series that really allowed my imagination to explore so many different realms. The novel is a series that includes 12 other books, which I know is very long for a series, but trust me it is amazing. If you are a book-worm, this series is for you! The novel embodies fantasy, supernatural and mystical characteristics. A quick synopsis, the novels focus on the doors to time and their keys. Several doors are spread out through Kilmore Cove, situated in England, in which the characters try finding the keys to open a distant time. The travelers must be able to pass through the door in order to reopen it. I love these types of novels because every book has something different in it, and the anticipation of finding out the secrets behind every door, make the book enjoyable! Give the first novel (The Door to Time) a read, and you won’t be disappointed.

5) Betrayal-Immortal series

Author: Gillian Shields


I remember reading this novel in grade 8, and finishing it within 2-3 days. I loved everything about the book, whether it was the characters, their journey or the story-line. Immortal is an adult fiction, sci-fi, romance novel. A quick synopsis, the book follows the story of Evie who is sent to a girl’s boarding school known as, Wyldcliffe Abbey School, housed in a gothic mansion. Evie meets a rebellious and dangerous boy named Sebastian, who she starts developing feelings for. However, she starts being haunted by glimpses of a strange, ghostly figure. Evie slowly untangles the mysteries of her life and her incredible fate. This is one of the best novels I have ever read! The way everything is described is so particular, and every chapter leaves u wanting to read even more. Betrayal is the 2nd novel in the series of Immortal, but it was my favourite out of all the books in the series. Once you start reading this series, you will never want to out the book down!

All opinions are mine. I hope that even one of you end up loving one of the books I have mentioned! Thank you so much for reading. Until next time..




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