10 Ways to Combat Climate Change from Home.

Individuals often believe that Climate change is a part of nature, and we have reached to a place where only scientists are capable of preventing this dreadful issue. I assure you that SO much can be done just from the comfort of your homes, to prevent further damage of our environment. Here are 10 ways to combat climate change from your home.

  1. Reducing water usage

When we turn the tap on every single day, water pours out. When we use the shower, clean our dishes, do owaterur laundry, water is always there. We often forget that water is special and should NEVER be taken for granted. Several countries are suffering from water shortages. Climate change is causing disruptions with our water cycle. There could be quite possibly a day when we turn our tap on and no water comes out. That is why, it is so important to use water efficiently. Take 5-10 minute showers instead of 30 minutes. Turn of the taps when you are not using it.

2) Being energy efficient

This is as simple as changing light bulbs to compact fluorescents or LEDs. Even switching off your lights when you are not using them, is a simple task of being efficient. Look for the energy star on appliances and lightbulbs to be more energy efficient within your home.                                           energy.png

3) Reduce, Reuse & Recyclereycling 2

This is probably one of the most basic tasks that can sometimes be forgotten or done completely wrong. This simple chore requires you to recycle items that can only be recycled. Do not throw items that don’t belong in the recycling bin. Below are a list of items that belong in the recycling bin!



*Glass bottles or jarsrecycling

*Steel cans

*Aluminum items such as foil tray

*Plastic containers

*Bottle caps


4) Eat organic

FoodChoosing local and organic foods, not only helps farmers, but also reduces your carbon footprint. 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of meat. By reducing at least one of your meals to a meat-less meal, can help the environment.

5) Transportation Alternatives

Walking, running, biking, car-pooling or using public transportation are all wonderful ways to help reduce the amount of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions within our atmosphere.


6) Reducing waste

trash-can-clip-artThere are numerous occasions in which our households create so much waste, which negatively effects the environment.  Garbage that is burned in landfills produces methane, which spreads throughout our atmosphere. Thus, simple tasks such as compositing kitchen scraps or garden trimmings can help the environment.

7) Washing machine appliances

Dryers and washing machines are appliances that use the most amount of water within households. However, simply letting clothes air-dry is an efficient way of reducing the amount of water used, and it doesn’t cost you money!


8) Smart Shopping

ShoppingPurchase items that you need, not want. Buying certain things that are not needed within your home, results in wastage.

9) Home heating & cooling

Home heating and cooling is one of the biggest users of energy within households. Thus, during the summer time, set your air conditioner thermostat to 24 or 25 degrees, and for winter heating, 19 or 20 degrees. Installing ceiling fans or programmable thermostats can help prevent excessive usage of energy.

Home heating

10) Get informed

informed.jpgIf you are not aware about climate change and how it is affecting our planet, there are numerous movements, organizations and programs that help you understand this issue. When you become more aware about this topic, it will be much easier to find ways to help prevent climate change from affecting our planet even more.

Thank you so much for reading! All opinions are mine. Until next time..



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