Top 5 T.V. Shows For Teens.

1)Pretty Little Liars


A show that revolves around the lives of five girls who are tortured by a person named “A”. Throughout the show, we see the journey of the girls who go from being seniors in high school to graduating, and living their lives after high school. This show is very mysterious, interesting, and very creepy. The first two seasons are quite slow, but after that, the shows picks up the pace and every episode gets better.  I would highly recommend watching this program if you like disturbing and thrilling shows.

2) Teen Wolf

teen wolf

This show is for individuals who enjoy teen drama, supernatural, comedic and action programs. Teen Wolf is a great show that embodies different genres and brings something fresh every episode. Most individuals expect the show to be quite childish however, you will be pleasantly surprised. The show has wonderful seasons with every character transitioning through different arks of their lives. Some of the best villains are seen throughout the seasons. Overall, the show is recommend to individuals who enjoy supernatural, thrilling, and comedic shows.

3) The Flash

the flash

One of the best TV shows I have seen on television. The Flash is an action, drama and superhero fiction TV program. I was quite skeptical about watching this program as, I was not sure whether this show would be decent or a cheesy, superhero drama. After watching the first few episodes, I fell in love with the show! This program brings a flavour of “the superhero trying to figure himself out and not be perfect”, which is why the show is so relatable and interesting. Every episode introduces different and cool villains. The characters in the show are all completely different from each other, but help balance each other out. In my opinion, give this show a watch, and you won’t be disappointed.

4) Quantico


Normally, I am not into crime, conspiracy dramas. However, I was a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra (main lead actor in the show) so, I decided to give this program the benefit of the doubt. The show is definitely recommended to individuals who enjoy crime and terrorism thrillers. I will say that the first few episodes are slower and somewhat confusing. But if you hang on, you may enjoy the thrills that every episode brings forth. This show portrays the issues that society deals with such as racism, terrorism and corrupt governments. Some episodes are quite eye-opening and make you think about certain issues. Highly recommend the show to individuals who like crime dramas.

5) The 100

the 100

One of the most different, interesting and surprising TV programs I have ever watched. This show has very unique concepts in terms of story-telling, and character developments. The show is nothing like what you think it would be. With every season, the episodes get better. This program is an action-drama, dystopian, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic. At least for me, this show is something that I have never watched before on television. Every character has something unique and special about it, and every episode keeps the audience grasped. The first few episodes are slow, but the shows picks up the pace as the season goes along. I would highly recommend the show if you like dark, sci-fi and dystopian TV programs!

All opinions are mine. Thank you for reading. Until next time.



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