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How to find Motivation?

There are numerous times when the hobby that we go out to purse, starts feeling like a job. Especially in the beginning stages when you aren’t getting many views or followers. What you started doing for fun, turns into a frantic mission to get more followers and constantly needing to promote your blog on every… Continue reading How to find Motivation?

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Top 5 Favourite Lip Products.

In terms of makeup, I love purchasing different types of lip products! I have never really been the type of person to experiment a lot with different colours, which is something I’m working on! I try to explore with different colours, and end up purchasing the usual pinks and red colours. But if I had… Continue reading Top 5 Favourite Lip Products.


Daily Skin Routine/Products for Acne-Prone Skin.

Acne is this horrible, stubborn feature that decides to stay on one’s face for literal eternity. But trust me, it gets better! It is very important to find products that suit your skin and stick to them. Try to limit how much you explore with other products because it can get quite harsh for your… Continue reading Daily Skin Routine/Products for Acne-Prone Skin.


10 Ways to Combat Climate Change from Home.

Individuals often believe that Climate change is a part of nature, and we have reached to a place where only scientists are capable of preventing this dreadful issue. I assure you that SO much can be done just from the comfort of your homes, to prevent further damage of our environment. Here are 10 ways… Continue reading 10 Ways to Combat Climate Change from Home.


Top 5 T.V. Shows For Teens.

1)Pretty Little Liars A show that revolves around the lives of five girls who are tortured by a person named “A”. Throughout the show, we see the journey of the girls who go from being seniors in high school to graduating, and living their lives after high school. This show is very mysterious, interesting, and… Continue reading Top 5 T.V. Shows For Teens.